Monday, April 1, 2013

A peek into the future of TCPRelay [April Fools!]

It's been a while since the last TCPRelay release. I've been working hard on the next major feature which has been highly requested by many people. I think today is a good day to show it off. It's still experimental, caused a bunch of BSODs and crashes but I'm working on making it as stable as possible.

The new feature is called "Internet Booster". It actually increases your internet bandwidth for all connections that go through the program by emulating another ISP. It only works for TCP connections for now, but it grants a huge boost in download and upload speeds and also reduces your ping. Check it out:

Before TCPRelay Booster, with GVT corporate 20/20:

After TCPRelay Booster, emulating XMission Utopia 100/100:

Pings in games are also greatly improved for US servers, as you can see from the pings in the tests above. This should help us brazilians out when playing those competitive NS2 matches against US and EU teams.

Unfortunately, I couldn't test with P2P downloads -- TCPRelay crashes as soon as a P2P program is loaded on the system.

The current version of TCPRelay can only emulate three ISPs: GVT in Brazil, and XMission and Google Fiber from the US. I'm working on UDP support next and will keep adding ISPs to the list!

P.S.: Take a good look at the post date.

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  1. still wait here :-)
    tcprelay is so useful at steaming:-)