Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Natural Selection 2 - build 250 is out! Time to stream again!

This weekend Natural Selection 2 saw the release of build 250, along with a nice big -66% discount. This helped restore some of the game's popularity, at the cost of introducing a lot of newbies, which means the overall pub game level is quite low.

My team, CiB, has been quite inactive lately. No scrims, no competitive games, no internal practice, nothing except for 3 or 4 members playing sporadically. Even myself gave a little break to NS2 for other things, because once you get into the competitive scene, it's hard to go back to pubbing, because you'll end up breaking the balance like this. (I am smurfing as Ares.)

Thankfully, people are picking up the pace quickly. Today I played for a couple of hours and there were some pretty decent games, albeit not very balanced, and there were some funny moments in there too. Watch them below!

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