Saturday, May 10, 2014

Getting into GitHub

I think it's about time I did it. I'm finally on GitHub!

To start things off, I uploaded two of my personal projects: a bunch of Java utility classes, not unlike Guava, and an XInput library for Java which enables coders to use Xbox 360 controllers (and possibly other XInput devices) in Java. Both projects are released under the MIT license, i.e. do whatever you want with them.

Some people have requested that I make TCPRelay open source. I feel that I need to fix a few things before doing that. The Java version was abandoned on version 0.1.1 beta, back when and were still one and the same, because many people were having issues with Java. I wrote the C# version for that very reason, and because it was just much more comfortable to write a graphical interface with it.

Both projects have very manual methods of building the packages. I'll be honest: I haven't put enough effort into their build processes because, as stated in the readme file, it was just a quick-n-dirty test that I decided to make usable.

I don't know. I might put them up as is so you can point and laugh at how ugly the code looks... or you can help me fix their build processes. :)

1 comment:

  1. Hey Ivan I added you on skype, need some help with TCPRelay, did everything you mentioned, spent over 5 hours on this and I can't get it to work. You think you could help me when you have the time? Appreciate it bro you doing good work!